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St. James Coffee is a unique response to the Church’s call of the New Evangelization in that it brings the Church into the world and into the everyday lives of its customers and the local community. It is a place where people encounter Jesus Christ through its products (including events/programs) and the hospitality of its volunteers and staff.

Our mission is to be a place where people encounter Christ and his Church.

Our vision is to develop disciples and equip evangelizers.

About Our Coffee

St. James Coffee proudly brews coffee from True Stone Coffee, St. Paul, MN. True Stone was founded by Bruce and Charlene Olson in 2003.

True Stone believes in expert sourcing exclusively from the world's finest small farms and cooperatives, allowing them to trace varietals, processing methods, labor conditions and unique ecological characteristics of every coffee they sell. They roast coffee in batches of 60 lbs or less, allowing for carefully controlled roasts. They use specialty software to digitally monitor and catalog each batch to ensure quality and consistency. They roast 4-5 days per week. Their green coffee selections are always in season, well sorted and stored with care. Their batches are small, prepared to order and delivered to us within 48 hours.

As an independent and family owned business, they understand the pride a small farmer takes in their craft. Unlike large-scale strip harvest farms, independent community cooperatives and independent operations (often farming six hectares or less) have the ability -- and the incentive -- to be more deliberate and consistent about the quality of their work.

They believe in sustainable farming practices, relationship based sourcing and fair pay for producers.  They price they pay to producers has and is always above and beyond the Fair Trade minimum.  These increased revenues are providing a basis for commercial and ecological sustainability, and improve the standard of living throughout an entire community.  Their philosophy puts more money in the hands of actual producers.

Chai Tea

St. James Coffee proudly serves Grey Duck Chai Tea of Minneapolis, MN.  When you drink a cup of Gray Duck Chai, it has been hand brewed by the owners, Jon Alden and Katey Niebur.  Gray Duck produces small batch, traditionally-crafted chai.  Their blends are made from organic, fair trade tea from the Assam region of India, where chai originates.  They use organic spices, milled by hand. Then they add fresh, raw ginger and just enough sweetness to bring the full flavor of the spice. St. James Coffee carries two unique blends; Nine Spice Blend which is what you would find at a chai wallah's stall on the street of India. This robustly spiced blend is made from the traditional masala spices and is rich in antioxidants. The other is Burnt Sugar + Ginger is made by caramelizing the cane sugar, and by adding an extra dose of freshly grated raw ginger, this blend is a rich and warming chai, with slightly less heat.

About Our Tea

St. James Coffee is blessed by partnerships with like-minded nonprofits, like Compassion Tea, a Christian company dedicated to not only healing the physical, but presenting the life-saving Gospel to people who have never heard it before. 100% of Compassion Tea proceeds go to supporting medical clinics in South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania, and Zambia by providing much needed medical supplies, and funding for education and staffing.




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